Can Herbie Talk?


Yesterday, my faithful desk companion Herbie commented on hearing about a rabbit and eggs this coming Sunday. To Herbie, that was ridiculous because everyone knows rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Herbie has been giving his commentary on life in general for a couple of months now on Facebook. (I keep telling him he can’t have his own Facebook page.) Yesterday’s post, however, several comments from friends. To paraphrase: Herbie’s a wooden moose; he can’t talk.

I’m an author, so to me, Herbie does talk. I hear Wolf, Vinnie and Vicky all of the time. Then there’s Anne (from Candy Cane Kisses) who’s demanding that I get on with her sequel. And last weekend, a forgotten character of mine, attorney Pierce Holt, piped up with a nugget for a story.

And if you think the voices in my head are bad, talk to my wife, Tymber Dalton, about hers.

So, yes, in my world, Herbie does talk. What do you think?