The Black List and lazy writing


We all know for the purposes of TV time, dramas must compress things a lot.

Did I mention a lot, as in omitting details or leaving things to be assumed?

Nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse lazy writing. The April 7 episode of The Black List, while satisfactory as drama, left me highly disappointed from the lazy writing the left two gaping plot flaws.

To set the scene, Lizzy wants to get married, as in today, because her baby is due soon. Tom is reluctant, but finally agrees and they settle on 4 p.m. for the ceremony. Liz heads off to alert the task force about the latest info from Red, while Tom leaves to handle the wedding logistics.

Okay, plot flaw #1 and I’m giving you a minor spoiler alert from this point on. Tom returns to the apartment only to find himself held at gunpoint by former colleagues who don’t like his decision to leave them. That situation is resolved with one colleague dead and the other leaves. Then we see Tom cleaning up the mess. So, it’s apparent some amount of time has passed, but he has sufficient time to drive someplace, dispose of the body, return and clean up, then get to the church on time. Maybe he had the Tardis hidden somewhere to manipulate time?

Now, plot flaw #2, and this is the biggy. Wedding ceremony underway, when a bunch of baddies show up, intent on kidnapping Liz for some reason or another. They kill off Red’s men (he’d figured out what was going on and arrived just before the baddies), and surround the church. Mind you, there’s enough fire power here to take down a minor Latin American country. Yet, Liz’ former partner, Donald Roessler manages to walk through the cordon unscathed to help rescue Liz. You’ve got to be kidding me. How did he do this? Or maybe he called Harry Potter and borrowed the invisibility cloak? No. Fucking. Way. Not in this universe.

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.

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Remembering Apache


Over a week ago, we lost the last of our big guys, Apache, the Lab-golden retriever mix.

A swApache2eet boy, he was part of a litter we raised for New Horizons Service dogs, but unfortunately, he didn’t pan out for the program and we were offered the option of adopting him. We quickly accepted.

He became known as puppy, moose, or puppy wupper, because as sweet as he was, Apache wasn’t the brightest bulb on the planet, either. That didn’t deter from the fact that he became a much loved member of our household for the past twelve years.

Now, he’s crossed over the Rainbow Bridge where I’m sure his buddy, Scudder, and his momma, Holly, we waiting to greet him. Hopefully, there’s a soccer ball up there waiting for him to chase down and all the yard nuggets he could ever want.

RIP my dear walking companion.

Christmas in July


I admitted to a friend over the weekend that I suffered from OCD — Obsessive Christmas Disorder — so I always like this week in July when Hallmark declares it’s Christmas in July. The week of course, which includes Christmas movies on their two TV channels, leads up to the unveiling this coming weekend of the 2015 Hallmark Ornament collection.

I do have to admit, that I finally broke down and watched a Christmas movie over the weekend.

So, It being Christmas in July, here are the links to my two Christmas titles, Dancing under the Mistletoe (, and Candy Cane Kisses written as Haley Jordan (

Wolf’s Daily Brief


Introducing Wolf’s Daily Brief, a glimpse into the daily life of detective Wolf Mallory. Get inside information about his cases and interactions with Vicky, Vinnie, Art Trasker and his other friends as Wolf continues to make a new life for himself in Porto Cielo. You can find Wolf’s Daily Brief on my Facebook page at

And to ensure you don’t miss a single installment, send me a friend request, and I’ll be sure to add you.

But will Wolf’s past life ever leave him be?

You’ll learn more about Wolf and his past in the forthcoming Can’t Dance Forever, which is currently in the editing stage.



The other day on Facebook, I posted about a free book, Enamored by O’Neil De Noux, being offered for the Kindle. Well, O’Neil has another free offering (as of today), this one is The Body in Crooked Bayou, a John Raven Beau crime story. Here’s the link:

Based in New Orleans, O’Neil is one of the stars of the mystery field. A past winner of the Shamus Award and a Derringer winner, he always writes a heck of a tale. He comes with a high recommendation from me.

Herbie for President



I think my desk companion, Herbie, has gotten a big head.

Today, he announced he’s a candidate for president in 2016 running as a member of the Moose Party. His announced platform so far is “Peace, love and greens for everyone.” It might be hard to pin him down as to specifics on other issues as his mind seems to be on the fresh greens sprouting in our yard, although I did hear him mutter something about asking Luna (the cat) to serve as his vice-president.

Historically, there was a Bull Moose Party represented by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 and they took a rather progressive attitude for the time. So, I expect Herbie might follow the same pattern. I guess we’ll just wait and see what develops, but I expect he’ll run a very low-budget campaign.

Can Herbie Talk?


Yesterday, my faithful desk companion Herbie commented on hearing about a rabbit and eggs this coming Sunday. To Herbie, that was ridiculous because everyone knows rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Herbie has been giving his commentary on life in general for a couple of months now on Facebook. (I keep telling him he can’t have his own Facebook page.) Yesterday’s post, however, several comments from friends. To paraphrase: Herbie’s a wooden moose; he can’t talk.

I’m an author, so to me, Herbie does talk. I hear Wolf, Vinnie and Vicky all of the time. Then there’s Anne (from Candy Cane Kisses) who’s demanding that I get on with her sequel. And last weekend, a forgotten character of mine, attorney Pierce Holt, piped up with a nugget for a story.

And if you think the voices in my head are bad, talk to my wife, Tymber Dalton, about hers.

So, yes, in my world, Herbie does talk. What do you think?

Wolf has a secret


The version of Can’t Dance Forever that I’m working on was written four, maybe five years ago. I’m currently revising and editing to both bring the book up to date and keep it in line with the first book in the series, Dancing on a Tightrope.

Of course, I remember the broad outlines of the story, but as I was working today, I came across something I’d totally forgotten about. What’s that, you might ask?

Well, that I’m not going to tell you, except to say, Wolf has a secret. There were subtle hints in Dancing on a Tightrope that all was not as it seemed with Wolf Mallory, but in this book, you’ll learn more about his past.

I’ll keep you posted, but I’m hoping for a release in April.