About Wolf Mallory



Neal “Wolf” Mallory is a retired Marine Corps intelligence officer, now living in Porto Cielo, a small city along the coast of Southwest Florida. After becoming embroiled in a scandal that derailed his military career, Wolf moved to Porto Cielo at the urging of his best friend and former staff sergeant, Vinnie Spano. Wolf lives in a condo along the Intracoastal Waterway with his girlfriend, Vicky Agincourt, and his black Lab, Patton.

Too young to enjoy the retired life, Wolf has become a private investigator, through the assistance of Art Trasker, an investigator for the State Public Defender’s office.

Enjoy Wolf and his adventures through the Wolf Mallory mystery series.


One thought on “About Wolf Mallory

  1. Adrian Bedford

    JD, it looks great! Very clean design. I like the bit of background about Wolf, too. 🙂 Say g’day to Tymber for me! 🙂

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