My first author takeover


Last Saturday evening, Jan. 21, I participated in my first author takeover hosted by the Facebook group Romance Readers Recommend. Of course, I was there uauthor-takeover-e1420810985728nder my romance author persona, Haley Jordan, but made it known that I was actually Jon Dalton mystery writer.

My first take on the experience?

It was like running a three-ring circus for my hour time slot.

Upon a few days of reflection, there was at least one thing I could have done differently. And that was having some prepared comments ready to go that I could just cut and paste. That would have freed me up to engage more with the participants who were there. I’d already received the advice to have my bio, links to the book, some games and eye candy for the women attending, which I did have ready.

So, would I do it again?


I’m firmly committed to the belief that engaging with our readers, or potential readers, will bring an author far more goodwill than constantly hammering them with constant barrages of buy my book, buy my book. In this new digital world, for indie authors, engaging with your readers so they get to know you, feel a connection with you, will provide more benefits than we might think. After all word of mouth will probably help sell more books than anything else.

Sure, I gave away, a few copies of the book as contest prizes, but hopefully that means I will get some good reviews out of it. I do know that I acquired several new friends, who will now receive my various status updates, which again lets them get to know me.

So, if you have the opportunity, do an author takeover. Meanwhile, I’m contemplating doing one of my own.


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