Where did the voices go?


13077023_10154016169271291_935252051370129697_nI saw that definition of writer’s block this morning from The Writer’s Circle on Facebook, and it struck me. Of course, just last week, I mentioned how I and other writers hear these voices in our heads, so when they go silent, well, I guess you could call that writer’s block.

For someone like me, when they stop talking to me, I’m in trouble. I don’t write with a massive outline or roadmap to my novels in front of me. I’m what you call a pantster. I have a general concept of the story and who my characters are, and I start writing, letting them tell their story.

But, boy oh boy, when they stop talking….

Case in point. I’m working on the next Wolf Mallory novel, Dancing with a Dead Man. Being first person, it’s told through Wolf’s viewpoint, so we know only what he knows. A week or so ago, his investigation seemed at a dead end,  with no leads and no idea how to proceed. That’s when his buddy Trasker screamed in my head, “Talk to me, talk to me. I know what he needs to do.”

Okay, scene with Wolf meeting Trasker, and sure enough the eggs are frying, the coffee’s brewing and Wolf can move forward while I enjoy breakfast.

Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked.

So, do I have a point here?

I guess it’s be open. Let all those characters have a voice in the mental play in our minds. Who knows, by listening to them, you may be surprised at the results.



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