Conversations with a Moose


As children, most of us likely had at one time or another an imaginary friend that we played witHerbieh or even talked to. Eventually, we matured and grew out of this behavior.

Writers, however, are a different breed. We don’t have imaginary friends, per se, but we do hear the voices in our heads from the characters we’re bringing to life on the printed or digital page.

I’m no different, hearing the voices from Wolf’s world. But, I also hear the voice of the companion on my desk, Herbie the Moose. Yes, Herbie talks to me every day, and he can be very critical if I ignore him. (And by the way, he just reminded me in no uncertain terms, he is running for President under the slogan, peace, love and greens for all.)

I’ve been reminded from time to time that Herbie isn’t real. He’s just a wooden moose occupying space on my desk. Yes, that’s true (and don’t say that aloud so he’ll hear it and suffer hurt feelings) but having a little moose to talk to in my head is way better than say,,, oh, that’s politics, I’m not going there.

Usually, most of our conversations occur during the morning, when Herbie is mulling over what he wants to say on my Facebook page that day (just search for me, or Herbie says and you’ll likely see his latest musings). Sometimes, Herbie tells me he has a particular comment about the day or what’s going on in the world, or he wants to be humorous, or he’ll wax philosophic. Whatever, the little guy has to say, it’s always interesting.

So, am I childish or a bit off that I conduct conversations in my head with Herbie? Maybe. But there are worse ways to entertain myself. And hopefully, this will satisfy Herbie’s demand that I actually write about him.


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