Herbie says, or how the world turns according to this little moose


As writers, many of us have seen either through messages or Facebook postings advice on how authors should use social media to their advantage, that being promoting our brand and hopefully sell more books. Call it rules of the road so to speak.

I know. I could probably do well to follow some of these strategies myself. But I’m lazy, and being the house-husband around here, I have those things to keep up with besides writing. And if you’re anything like me, I’m really reluctant when it comes to posting buy-my-books links.

So, meet Herbie, my self-appointed social media guru. Most Mondays through Fridays, “Herbie says:” will make an appearance on my Facebook page, typically with comments about the weather, or what I might be doing, or anything elsHerbiee that captures his interest. And of course, there’s the occasional comment about his campaign to become president. Peace, love and greens for all is his campaign slogan.

Herbie is just a little wooden moose my wife picked up at Lowes a couple of years ago. He sits at the front of my desk keeping me company. About a year ago, I thought, what if Herbie could speak. And “Herbie says:” came about.

I don’t know if Herbie has helped my book sales at all, but I do know Herbie has a following. And when it comes to branding, and creating followers, well, Herbie’s my strategy.

What’s yours?




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