If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be…


Yeah, I know, it’s Tuesday, but it seemed a catchy enough title.

What? You expected more?

Well, go Google history and I’m sure the great god of search engines will give you all sorts of answers as to what Tuesday is. Go ahead, do it. I’ll still be here rambling away.

Yes, I should be writing. I mean I’ve got Wolf in search of a murderer with no clues leading to the killer. And Haley has Gingerbread Dreams to finish. And out there in cyberworld are a bunch of fans screaming, WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING THE DAMN BOOKS!

All right, I hear you. I’ll get to one of them in a minute. Meanwhile, I have this huge bare patch in my front yard where the old oak tree stump that fell over last August used to be. A couple of weeks ago, fathebare spotr-in-law and a friend removed the eyesore. So here’s what I’m looking at out my front window. Looks pretty barren doesn’t it.

Anyone what to offer suggestions about what to do there? And I don’t want to hear Christmas inflatables.

All right, while y’all mull over options for me, I’m going back to Dancing with a Dead Man or Gingerbread Dreams and see what kind of trouble my characters are getting into. Ciao!


One thought on “If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be…

  1. Leah

    Gotta love distractions. With replanting the bare spot your goal, maybe a native Florida tree like a Turkey Oak (and yes there many jokes and puns that you can make) would work.

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