The Black List and lazy writing


We all know for the purposes of TV time, dramas must compress things a lot.

Did I mention a lot, as in omitting details or leaving things to be assumed?

Nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse lazy writing. The April 7 episode of The Black List, while satisfactory as drama, left me highly disappointed from the lazy writing the left two gaping plot flaws.

To set the scene, Lizzy wants to get married, as in today, because her baby is due soon. Tom is reluctant, but finally agrees and they settle on 4 p.m. for the ceremony. Liz heads off to alert the task force about the latest info from Red, while Tom leaves to handle the wedding logistics.

Okay, plot flaw #1 and I’m giving you a minor spoiler alert from this point on. Tom returns to the apartment only to find himself held at gunpoint by former colleagues who don’t like his decision to leave them. That situation is resolved with one colleague dead and the other leaves. Then we see Tom cleaning up the mess. So, it’s apparent some amount of time has passed, but he has sufficient time to drive someplace, dispose of the body, return and clean up, then get to the church on time. Maybe he had the Tardis hidden somewhere to manipulate time?

Now, plot flaw #2, and this is the biggy. Wedding ceremony underway, when a bunch of baddies show up, intent on kidnapping Liz for some reason or another. They kill off Red’s men (he’d figured out what was going on and arrived just before the baddies), and surround the church. Mind you, there’s enough fire power here to take down a minor Latin American country. Yet, Liz’ former partner, Donald Roessler manages to walk through the cordon unscathed to help rescue Liz. You’ve got to be kidding me. How did he do this? Or maybe he called Harry Potter and borrowed the invisibility cloak? No. Fucking. Way. Not in this universe.

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.

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One thought on “The Black List and lazy writing

  1. Fred

    My thought on cleaning up the mess, loading the body in the trunk of the car – well I would think that would take a better part of the day. Then to the burial site and hole is dug and he is putting the body in. I was trying real hard to think how long does it take to dig a hole that big and that deep? And if he already has holes dug for just such situations, whose property are they on. And it eliminated a little more with the covering of the burial site so as it would not be discovered.

    I like the show, but as with it, Scorpion, Quantico, Blindspot and the Blacklist there is certainly enough jumping from one plot to the other to keep you confused and perhaps that is the plan for all of them to begin with.

    And that is why I normally try to just watch 30 minute sitcoms. But for the season the only one of them I watch is Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. For other entertainment I watch Velocity, national Geographic, Discovery and a couple others, but only one of them on a regular basis and that is Americarna on Velocity.

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