Goodbye 2014


Well, here it is, approximately 11 hours until 2014 comes to an end.

I want to wish all my readers and fans a happy new year and I hope all your wishes, hopes and dreams for 2015 come to fruition. Without you, I wouldn’t have achieved my own dream this year, to not only see the publication of Dancing on a Tightrope, but a short Christmas story featuring Wolf Mallory as well.

In addition, you all helped me launch my other persona, Haley Jordan and achieve success with Candy Cane Kisses.

So what will 2015 bring?

Wolf’s adventures will continue with Can’t Dance Forever, as he searches for a witness to a drive-by shooting, which gets Wolf involved in the larger mystery of who’s behind a series of gruesome murders in the area, and placing Wolf and his friends in danger.

I’ll also be writing the third novel in the series, tentatively titled Dancing with the Dead Man, which finds Wolf trying to prove the innocence of Vicky’s grandmother after she’s accused of striking and killing a pedestrian in Sarasota, leading Wolf into a murder investigation involving a search for the lost gold of the Confederacy and a group bent on keeping secret, the location of the treasure.

Finally, there will be another Jasmine Lane novel, a sequel to Candy Cane Kisses. As you may recall, Janet’s fiancĂ©e had put their marriage on hold, Will Janet and Alex be able to put their differences behind them? What about Anne’s mother, who’s dissatisfied with life now that her husband’s retired? And, will 2015 find wedding bells ringing for Anne and Jim Grant? We’ll see.

Stay safe everyone if you’re out and about tonight enjoying the festivities. Here’s to 2015.