Now available


Well, waiting for Amazon yesterday was akin to waiting on the birth of my oldest son, and believe me, he took his sweet time entering the world.

Anyway, my first novel, Dancing on a Tightrope is now available on all platforms as an e-book. A print version will be available soon. Here’s the links to purchase as an ebook:

Buy Links:

Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Nook

Kobo | ARe/Omnilit | Smashwords | Google

Print: Amazon

And the blurb:

Wolf Mallory already has his share of problems—including a congressional investigation and trying to figure out what to do with his life in southwest Florida after his forced retirement from military intelligence. When a friend asks him to talk to a young woman suspected of murder but claiming her innocence, Wolf has no idea what will happen.

Vicky Agincourt is smart, beautiful, and Wolf quickly finds she’s likely guilty of nothing more than trusting the wrong people. Someone murdered her lover, but Wolf is convinced Vicky didn’t pull the trigger. Unfortunately, well-connected people hiding along the fringes of the investigation have a lot to lose if Wolf succeeds in his mission to clear Vicky’s name. They’ll stop at nothing, including calling in favors from people in high places, to force Wolf off the scent.

But Wolf has friends of his own in low places. While he’s dancing on a tightrope to stay ahead of the killer, can he clear Vicky’s name in time before someone takes her—and him—out for good?



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